February Call

Created January 24, 2024

True Partnerships: How We Build Together!

Thursday, February 22, 1:00 PM–2:30 PM CST (90 mins)

Funders often see partnerships between organizations as a positive sign of a collaborative community, yet this area still needs to be explored fully*. Without proper equity measures or a fundamental understanding of how the collective community is more important than individual organizations, partnerships can sometimes lead to exploitative relationships. Join us as we learn what true partnerships look like and discuss how to build partnerships in our role as grant professionals!

*According to Grantstation’s Benchmarker 2023 Report, ~71% of all respondents did not submit a single collaborative or joint application with other organizations.

CCF Principles in this workshop:

#2. Individual organizational missions are not as important as the collective community.

#3. Nonprofits are generous with and mutually supportive of one another.

#7. We foster a sense of belonging, not othering.

Speaker: Marcus Cunningham is a Community-Centered Fundraiser, an Anti-Racist Systems Builder, and Amateur Chef. He is the Director of Institutional Giving at the Movement Strategy Center (MSC), building healthy, community-centered relationships with institutional funders to support MSC’s core operations and its intermediary funding and fiscal sponsorship services.

Mark Your Calendars! Thursday, February 22, 1:00 PM–2:30 PM CST

*This meeting has ended. Please see our new offerings!

👇 Update: February 29, 2024


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