July Planning Call

Created July 8, 2024

More Than Grant Writers Planning Meeting

FRIDAY, July 19, 10:00 AM–11:00 AM CST (8AM PT / 11AM ET)

The MTGW planning team formed last year around this time to begin planning our table at the GPA Summit. Spending three days talking to grant pros about the inequities in philanthropy and our possible role in advocating for something better energized us to show up to talk about and do things differently in our work.

Since November 2023, we have been meeting to plan educational and engaging group sessions to begin flexing our advocacy muscles. We have almost 500 people subscribed to our newsletters and regularly have 70-90 people register for sessions, with new people finding us every month.

Our working group is a stellar combination of dope people spanning the US. We meet one to two times a month to plan monthly sessions and address grant writing-related issues as they occur. There is room for more dope people with cool ideas and diverse expertise.

If you are still interested, we hope you join us for a casual call where you can get all your questions answered and a feel for the opportunity and commitment ahead.

Friday, July 19th @ 8 AM PT/ 10 AM CT/ 11AM ET (60 minutes)

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